Every solution is the convergence of knowledge and curiosity. It’s bringing fresh perspectives to solve a challenge, which is how we approach our strategic work.


Everything we do is based on a range of perspectives – the specifier, building owner and occupant. Our knowledge of the industry helps inform strategy, while our collective of experts, creative thinkers, and problem solvers work together to develop a plan of action that will differentiate your company and brand.

This is how brands evolve and grow.



Building for occupant experience

Everything is about the human experience. In the building and construction industry, this experience transcends product and speaks to occupant surroundings, both interior and exterior. Kawneer recognizes this and works to create solutions that address occupants’ needs in various environments including education.

We worked to create education-specific messaging for Kawneer that focused on solutions, whether they be indoor air quality, blast resistant or energy related. We identified what matters most for students and how Kawneer’s products could make an impact in the educational space. The resulting campaign went beyond advertisements to include project profiles, bylines and social media content that targeted architects to consider Kawneer’s educational solutions.



Understanding what customers want

Cultured Stone by Boral wanted to identify opportunities within the marketplace to differentiate, improve products and services, and strengthen relationships. There’s no better way to do this than to hear straight from the customer.

Function began by developing a series of questions and surveys for 40+ architects, designers, and distributors. From there, 30-minute interviews, both in person and via phone, gathered the customer input that resulted in greater understanding of opportunities, trends, the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and what the market was looking for in product development – all the while strengthening the company’s relationships with customers and distributors. The effort expanded what Cultured Stone by Boral could provide to the market and streamlined brand messaging.



Illuminating architectural expertise

Where other shading fabric manufacturers compete on cost and aesthetics, we worked with Mermet to pivot their focus to becoming the most informative, architecturally-relevant shade manufacturer and a trusted resource for architects seeking creative ways to enhance their fenestration specifications.

Working with key industry influencers and Mermet’s internal experts, we developed messaging that addresses the many ways shading impacts overall building performance. This expanded the conversation to include topics such as occupant comfort, energy performance and exterior aesthetics – as well as developing honest technical comparisons of Mermet fabrics versus the competition. This approach allowed Mermet to own the story about why and how shades matter, thus becoming the go-to resource for architects seeking a comprehensive fenestration solution.