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: Article FORuM: Real answers to real questions.

Function:’s FORuM offers Building Product Manufacturers the opportunity to get feedback and input on a wide range of industry needs directly from the A+D audience.

: Event Leadership Exchange: Part 2

Listen to Part 2 of the Leadership Exchange and find out some highlights of what architects really think matters most!

: Event Leadership Exchange - Part 1

Want to know what architects and designers really think? Because we specialize in connecting building product manufacturers to their audiences, we bypassed the industry articles and went straight to the source – architects and designers – to find out what they hope for in 2013.

: Case Study Metl-Span Launches New Architectural Division: Envolution

Metl-Span launched a new architectural division brand, focusing on solution applications. The new platform features a line of building envelope products with design flexibility, high-performance, modern applications and a variety of aesthetics and customization pieces.

: Webinar Using Social Media to Help #Launch Your Building + Construction Products

Using Social Media to Help #Launch Your Building + Construction Products was a 1 hour webinar event covering how leveraging social media can benefit the building product manufacturer and increase specifications. The discussion featured perspectives and insights from a influential group of social media marketing experts in the building and construction industy on trends and how they've changed how we strategize in public relations and for marketing product launches.

: Article Don’t Get Ignored: Tips From Editors and Media Reps on How to Get Your Stories and Ads Seen

You've created an advertisement that is visually appealing, has all the right messages and addresses the audience appropriately, but then what? When is the best time to place the ad? Why?

: Article The Good, The Bad + The Ugly

You’ve seen them... the really good ads, and the really really bad ads. Take a look at the ads you produce and ask yourself where they fall. Hopefully not the latter. There are many components to an ad, and what may look like a simple one-page ad is really the result of very detailed thought and a thorough design process. Here are some tips to make sure you’re making the most of your advertising spend.

: Article Connect. Inform. Act.

Business is about making connections. It’s who you know and connecting them with what you have to offer. And that is what Function: does – connect building product manufacturers with architects to increase brand awareness and build the bottom line.

: Case Study Armstrong Asks Architects to "Save the Ceilings"

In 1999, Armstrong Ceilings introduced its groundbreaking ceiling recycling program, which has recycled over 123 million square feet of old ceiling material to date.