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Increasing Awareness of EPDs

Simplifying a Complex Subject.

The Outcome 

As the industry moved toward new environmental measurements systems, Armstrong wanted to increase awareness of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for their products. By simplifying the new language, Armstrong could help the architect and designer audience make intelligent and informed product choices.

Armstrong came to Function: because of our industry knowledge and experience communicating complex messages simply and effectively. After surveying the audience, we found they wanted succinct, direct information versus a detailed brochure or advertisement. They just wanted the facts.

Function: created a short video and materials for one-on-one sales meetings using the fun, light idea of custom designed “Alphabet Soup,” which served as a leave-behind for meetings and featured a puzzle to drive traffic to the company’s website. By condensing this involved topic into this brief presentation, Armstrong set the standard for environmental leadership and showed how it can stay ahead of the curve incorporating new industry assessment formats. 

Promotional video 

Sales materials