CertainTeed Ceilings: Down with Decibels

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Function: was tasked with helping CertainTeed Ceilings find a way to gain market share in spite of a limited budget. We saw this challenge as an opportunity to do something innovative, to disrupt the market and find new ways to talk about the built environment. We developed a new approach that would shock audiences out of their complacency and change the status quo.

CertainTeed Ceilings was ready to raise awareness about Environmental Acoustics™ Design and other noise-eliminating products created that could help cultivate a better workspace. Rather than following the traditional product launch approach, we created the Down With Decibels movement. We positioned CertainTeed Ceilings as educators and thought leaders in environmental acoustics, creating a community that would look to the company for advice and solutions.

The idea was to pique architects’ interest by sharing occupant experiences in a way that changed their decision-making about acoustical products. Down With Decibels generated understanding of the importance of Environmental Acoustics™ Design in various verticals – specifically education, healthcare and office spaces. All efforts – e-blasts, advertising and more – drove the audience to the microsite where a community was built and a conversation started. Ongoing webinars continue to educate about acoustics in healthcare, education and office environments. 

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Continuing conversations through the online community