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Materials Matter: Your Products + Building Codes

What does it mean for your line of sustainable, high-performing building products if in application if they don’t pass a building inspection? Join Jeff Remas, building code official and administrator at, and Dana Castle, Principal and Director of Strategy at FUNCTION:, for a conversation about building codes and building code officials and why they matter to your materials and marketing plan.


Design with Conscience: Humanitarianism in Architecture

In 2010 we hosted a valuable webinar that included a panel of media, designers and industry specialists focused on the emerging trend of social responsibility in architecture. Discussion included the changing thought process of product specification and ways that Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) can communicate their products to ensure specification in humanitarian design. Conversation also centered on how BPMs can be thought leaders in this trend through providing product educational support for architects and designers on products that would be appropriate for meeting the needs of humanitarian design projects. There was so much information we had to split it into four parts. Watch them all here: 

Screen_Shot_2015_10_26_at_10_58_32_AM.pngPart 1  
Part 2 
Part 3 
Part 4 


Using Social Media to Help #Launch Your Building Products

A 1 hour webinar event covering how leveraging social media can benefit the building product manufacturer and increase specifications. The discussion featured perspectives and insights from an influential group of social media marketing experts in the building and construction industy on trends and how they've changed how we strategize in public relations and for marketing product launches.

Enoch Sears: architect, author, Social Media for Architects
Steven Thomson: social media manager, Architizer
Mark Mitchell: BPM marketing strategist, author, Building Material Channel Marketing
Dana Castle: principal, director of strategy, FUNCTION:

Outside In: A Look at High Performance Building Facades

In this recent Webinar we sat down with industry experts to discuss new technologies, products and innovations that affect the overall performance of a building. Find out how manufacturers, architects and contractors can work together to build more efficient buildings from the outside, in.

Developing and Managing Your Media Content

With so much going on in the business world, from meetings to conferences to the daily grind, time can easily be swallowed up. It’s difficult to find time and energy to develop new and exciting ways to gather media content for the web. And, even if you’re able to gather content, what do you do next to communicate the information to your audience? In this webinar, we touch on a few easy ways to obtain relevant media content and how to manage it effectively. 

Transparency to Specification: Translating Sustainable Product Claims

Transparency to Specification was a Construct Knowledge Series webinar event covering how emerging trends such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) impact product specification. The discussion featured perspectives and insights from a diverse group of industry professionals who are experts in their respective fields. In addition to EPD’s and LCA’s, the discussion also covered other topics such as green product certifications, the progression of LEED, carbon footprints, embodied energy and other topics impacting how products are specified.