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Every day, we work with architects, designers, distributors and building professionals to gain insight into their thought process, passions, and interests. It helps us connect the right message with the right opportunities to drive immediate and lasting impact.

Whether you are a North American company looking to make a local impact, or an international business working to expand your brand in North America, we can create opportunities that take you beyond the expected and set you apart from your competition.

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To demonstrate how gypsum products and assemblies effectively address the challenges of acoustics in architecture, we created an interactive CEU that helped CertainTeed Gypsum be heard clearly.

The presentation was designed to deliver informed insight into how sound works, the issues caused by excessive noise, and how to specify gypsum products and assemblies more intelligently in order to mitigate those challenges.

By connecting gypsum as the solution to these challenges, we moved CertainTeed away from selling based on product features and benefits, and allowed them to have increased visibility and deeper, more effective discussions with architects.




EIFS can look like almost any other cladding material – brick, stucco, stone, and metal panels – but they have not been regarded highly as a building solution. To highlight the aesthetic contributions of EIFS alongside the many energy and performance benefits, Function worked with The EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) to create a series of infographics.

The series – “Setting Straight A Cladding Conundrum” – provides side-by-side examinations of EIFS to more commonly used claddings. Widely shared through media, social channels, and industry tradeshow collaterals, these infographics are a simple means in which to communicate these complex comparisons and validate EIFS as a valuable cladding option.




Mermet’s intelligence-focused market strategy was strong, but needed to be proven. To achieve this, we assembled a panel of experts from the glass and shading industries – including the leading building efficiency scientist from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs – to speak to shading’s immense value in enhancing thermal performance.

This robust campaign included infographics, a whitepaper, bylined articles in Architectural Products, digital and direct mail promotions, and the culminating live panel event and presentation at Greenbuild 2016, which was followed by redistributed multi-channel content.

The presentation – which also formed the basis for an AIA-certified CEU – began a strategy of unifying the relationship between shading and glass, proving shading’s importance at the earliest specification decisions, and deepening Mermet’s leadership in architectural and fenestration expertise.