Are Building Owners the New Black?

Like most markets, the building product materials and services industry has several unique audiences that are all focused on various needs and desires. Positioning a product or service to these various groups can be very beneficial in establishing a hold in a niche’ marketplace. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a steady increase in the amount of manufacturers that are more and more interested in speaking directly to building owners.

This kind of segmentation leans heavily on playing to their individual needs. Building owners have a lot of factors to think about, from maintenance to safety to efficiencies and so on. This audience plays a key role both in how buildings are constructed and how they are operated for their lifecycle. The economic impact of building owners is huge, so it makes sense that targeting them can be a good strategy. According to the Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA), each dollar of building operations expenditures yields the U.S. economy $2.64 dollars. That’s a number that can’t go unnoticed or under-appreciated, but it does.

Think of all of the offices you’ve ever worked in through your career. Think of every multi-family building you’ve ever lived in or visited. Each and every one of those facilities has its own unique challenges, and each of them play a pivotal role in how our economy and society operate. No doubt, if you’re reading this, then you likely have somewhat of an understanding of how the built environment affects everything else. From worker efficiency and occupant comfort to productivity, energy needs, safety, and facility maintenance, building owners are constantly thinking about how they can improve their operating costs while providing positive daily experiences for their building’s users. 

Marketing strategies for products and services, especially those connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), that are targeting building owners are going to be effective because they’re taking into consideration their specific voice. Architects and designers may get warm fuzzy feelings about products that help reduce waste and improve efficiency while building owners are foaming at the mouth.

The next time you think about your office building, consider all of the people involved in making sure its the best it possibly can be, and then think about the singular person, or perhaps group of people, working to ensure of that success. 

In order to reach the right audience, you need the right strategy, messaging, and approach. For some guidance on reaching building owners specifically, shoot us an email to start the conversation.