Function: is a network of experts dedicated to advancing the building products industry.

Agency Experts and Consultants in the Building Product Industry

We are one of the top building product industry agencies in the country. We live and breathe building products. But for us, marketing is just the beginning. 

We are industry game changers. We are strategists, researchers, educators, writers, designers, enthusiasts, and problem solvers. And we’re always evolving, rising to meet the next challenge with a fresh creative strategy and flawless execution.

By inspiring clients to market products more effectively, we help our clients create more collaborative and beneficial partnerships.
So, why do they come to us?

It starts with our high expectations. We educate clients on how to market and promote EPDs, LCAs, HPDs and performance attributes. In other words, we speak your language and translate it precisely for your audience—marketing products from a range of perspectives—the specifier, building owner or occupant. By inspiring clients to market products more effectively, we help our clients create more collaborative and beneficial partnerships.

How do we Function: for you?

Every day, we work with architects, designers and building professionals across North America. That’s why we understand their needs, plus how and when to provide the right solution. We translate that into an integrated communication plan for you. Then, we craft creative campaigns with credible content—powerful messages that stay with and move your target audience.

So, it’s no wonder that our advertisements are award-winning, and our comprehensive public relations campaigns and strategic marketing plans spark real results.


Let us help you build your brand. 

As building product industry experts, we live for the challenge of creating innovative ways to help you market your products and solutions.

For us, basic marketing, advertising and public relations fall far short. We strike emotional connections for you based on market needs. We stay on top of the industry trends in the commercial and residential markets. Plus, our daily connection to the industry puts us ahead of the curve. So, when it comes to new projects, we adapt quickly and hit the ground running—to ensure your marketing makes an immediate and profound impact.

Sure, everyone says it, but we truly work as your partner. Together, we can take you beyond product marketing, find your differentiators and set you apart from the competition. And with our strong media relationships, we consistently secure exclusive coverage and placement opportunities.

At Function: our passion is connecting the right products with the right opportunities—so architects, designers, contractors, builders and engineers can create spaces where people thrive.


Let our experienced leadership team create lasting industry connections.