Information is Power

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Transparency. Empowered.

To underscore its commitment to product transparency and creating healthy interior environments, CertainTeed launched the first Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs) in the gypsum category. Transparency tools, like EPDs and HPDs, are prevalent in the AEC and understanding the different tools and the information they carry can be very overwhelming to architects.
CertainTeed approached us to create a campaign that would not only convey the company’s dedication to transparency and the tools’ ease of use to the architectural audience, but also educate and empower the audience to stay informed. The campaign “Information is Power” was developed to show that CertainTeed is partner in helping architects make smart and knowledgeable choices. The campaign launched with an ad, followed by a video, direct mail and an ibook CEU for the sales team to easily educate the audience. The interactive and graphic nature of the CEU simplifies the information into palatable knowledge that helps architects make the right choice for gypsum.