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Stressed Out About Your Building Product Marketing? Help is Here

July 25, 2017 | Product Marketing



Stop Procrastinating and Outsource that Project: How to  Get Your Building Product Marketing Projects Moving in the Right Direction

When it comes to building product marketing, not all projects, strategies and initiatives are equal, some of them take significant energy and focus. Others can deplete internal resources and create a lot of stress.

For some reason, you may have a project that you just can’t seem to get off the ground, off your desk or out the door. You need outside help; you need a hero that can work quickly to keep things moving forward.

After more than 20 years of experience in the industry we can confirm that marketing overload and product stagnation are common problems, especially among building product marketers. Marketing is a 24-seven, constantly evolving enterprise with no guarantee of success. Stress comes with the territory, so does burnout, frustration and procrastination.

To move forward and gain momentum with building product marketing, you have to be able to reach and successfully influence a  wide variety of audiences including architects, designers, building owners, developers, contractors, dealers, distributors and subcontractors to name just a few. Success depends on keen attention and widespread effort.

It’s unlikely that any in-house team or partner agency, can do all that is required of today’s building product marketers and do it all well. There are times when every marketing department needs some assistance. The question is: how do you know it’s time to outsource that pesky and puzzling project?

Telltale Signs That You Need to Outsource A Marketing Project

  1. The number one sign is pretty obvious – it includes persistent negative feelings about the project. You might feel angry, frustrated, annoyed, confused, hopeless, reluctant, impatient, discouraged, concerned, rushed or overwhelmed. Simply put, your needs and the needs of the project aren’t being met.
  2. The project is time-consuming, it may require research, interviews or gathering and synthesizing a lot of information that would take you away from other critical projects.
  3. It’s highly complex and technical. It requires industry acumen, deep insights, focus and a comprehensive understanding of the building, design and construction industry in order to succeed.
  4. You’ve done all you can do, you are stuck and need an outside perspective. Maybe it’s a trade show that you’ve done multiple times that needs a fresh approach, or a product launch that you want to stand-out from all the other launches.
  5. It’s boring and not very glamourous. Marketers often outsource the fun, creative work to agencies but we encourage you to outsource the boring, mundane stuff that gets in the way of you loving your job and feeling fulfilled.
  6. You’re undergoing a transition in leadership or marketing talent and you need to keep moving forward. Maybe an important team player is out on leave, or you’re reorganizing the department. You need a partner that can fill-in in the meantime.
  7. It’s mission critical and your team is swamped and your agency partners would require a lot of time and hand-holding to get up-to-speed. You need someone who can pick up the project and run with it, as is, and do it quickly and effectively.

At Function, we’ve built our business on stepping-in and saving projects that might otherwise fade or fizzle. Some of the biggest and most successful building product manufacturers keep us on-hand and on speed dial for our ability to move a project forward. We can certainly be a go-to resource for all your marketing needs, but we often find that clients love us even more when we can be their hero for the moment.

If you have a project, strategy or initiative that’s stuck or needs an outside perspective, give us a call. All assignments will be carefully considered and executed by industry-savvy marketing, public relations and creative professionals.


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