True audience insights build the foundation for success.

Audience Connections

Launching a new product. Facing new competition. Growing your existing market share. Nothing is more critical for these efforts than ensuring that your offerings are aligned with the true needs of the industry – that they're solutions, not just another product.

That certainty requires real insights, and they aren’t easy to come by. There’s only one place to get them: from the very professionals you’re seeking to engage.



Function gets closer to your target audiences. We’ve spent 20+ years immersed in the industry, building relationships with architects, contractors, designers, facility managers and more. We seek out a unique dialogue with these experts. We call on them to fill the gaps in our knowledge to gain meaningful insights, to connect and differentiate our clients, and to magnify their brands’ success.



Take a look at how Function works with industry professionals to uncover a brand’s value, opportunity and purpose – their function – in the marketplace.

Though we can’t disclose the manufacturer name or the precise outcomes of the research, these are a small sample of the types of research initiatives we’ve undertaken.


Focus groups with architects addressing the various factors of sustainable building and their views on positioning new green ceiling products for adoption and specification, including campaign theme, messaging, and visual approaches.

Online surveys with builders and contractors to learn how the audience views competitive products, the performance factors they deem important, and their marketing, sales and purchase behaviors to position a wood products brand based on true in-market needs.

Sought knowledge and collaboration from engineers to develop a series of educational podcasts on infrastructure that would be benefit the target audience.

One-on-one architect interviews to better understand perceptions and behaviors in fenestration design. We used these insights to build brand positioning and educational resources that elevated the importance of shading in total building design.


Integrated with sales leadership to conduct interviews with distribution partners to learn about shifting competitive perceptions, and with key designers about their challenges and opinions on market-leading competitors. This knowledge helped target the opportunities to reposition a century-old drapery hardware brand’s product offering and enhance their go-to-market story.

Extensive conversations with engineers and code officials to learn about real-world issues in regards to OSB product compliance, which helped us craft a better targeted strategy for new product design and messaging.

In-depth meetings and hands-on product trials with designers resulted in valuable insight into how our client’s new ceiling tile product was viewed compared to other competitors. We used this research to position and validate market preferences for color and texture prior to launch.

Interviewed vertically targeted key architects to uncover challenges they face with cladding products in the light commercial market in order to more effectively launch our client’s new product in competition with an established industry leader.


It all starts with finding and nourishing the connection between brand and audience.

Our experience in analyzing insights and formulating solutions-based strategies has helped our partners to deliver more targeted, intelligent and effective brand and product positioning.

Give us a call, and let’s talk about how we can put those insights to work for your brand.


Don’t rely on assumptions.

Function utilizes real insights from real conversations with the architectural, design and construction professionals that your brand is seeking to reach and engage. 

Success in marketing requires knowing more about your customers than your competitors – and then tailoring your offerings to deliver exactly what the market needs. Go beyond the “me too” in order to bring a truly differentiated, needs-based solution to the market. And it all starts with finding that intersection between your brand and your audiences.